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Our Features - Thebing Agency Management Software

  • 100% web-based
  • Easy intuitive handling
  • Generate invoices, LoA and other documents within seconds
  • Quick confirmation to students/agents/accommodation provider
  • Create user levels with different access rights
  • Modular structure allows you to select features to match your needs and budget
Selling Points
Quotation tool
  • Effective communication with prospective students
  • Set follow-up dates
  • Fast-track option to convert enquiries into real bookings
  • Generate PDF's with your own layout and content
  • Student lists based on arrival, departure and many other filter options
  • Batch communication and document generation
  • Export of all information
  • Use your individual fields to enter all the details you need
  • Filter and sort bookings using different criteria
departure list
  • Generate invoices within seconds
  • Generate various documents such as letters of acceptance/invitations or visa letters
  • Group bookings and invoicing
  • Quick confirmation to students or schools
  • Enter payments and observe the payment status
  • See all invoice related documents
  • Enter bulk payments of schools
Accounting - School Payments
Partner School Management
    Partner School Management
  • Set up all your partner schools
    • Including courses / accommodations / transfer/ starting dates / prices etc.

  • Online feedback form connected to your website
  • Communicate with your partner schools and students
  • Communication history (inbound/ outbound emails)
  • Enter notes about phone calls, notices or personal conversations
  • Send multiple customized emails to several students in one step
  • Communicate with students and partners through Thebing
  • Use predefined templates, adjust them or enter your own ones
  • Use your own HTML signature and layout
  • Use your own PDF background file
  • Forward all kinds of information such as course duration, starting dates, visa requirements, accommodation matching criteria ex. eating habits, smoker/non-smoker etc.
Mobile Phone Messaging
  • Send SMS to your customers all over the world with one simple click
  • Send predefined SMS to your students

  • Confirm bookings, accommodation details and other information by text message
  • Take your customer relationship management to the next level
  • Full history
  • Send messages to multiple students at once
    Customize your own registration form
  • Individual interface with customized elements
  • Set up the registration form in different languages
  • Prices can be displayed on the form
  • Use your own fields on the form
Registration form
Registration form 2
    Online connectivity
  • Website connected with Thebing school
  • Direct data entry into the software
  • Central maintenance of your services (schools, course prices, accommodation prices, ...)
  • Customize your form according to your corporate design
  • Multiple registration forms are possible
  • Automated and personalized email confirmations
    Price lists
  • Individual interface with customized elements
  • Use your own styles and structure
  • Multiple languages
  • Season selection
  • Multiple currencies and exchange rates
Online price list
Online price list 2
Course list
    Course lists
  • Display individual information per course
  • Link the course list with your registration form
  • Sort your courses by category
  • Use your own styles
    General information
  • Display general information of your schools
  • Information are linked to the website
  • No double entries are needed any more
School Information
Quotation tool
    Quotation tool
  • Set follow ups for potential clients
  • Send emails to prospective customers
  • Comprehensive communication history
  • Connected to your website
  • Price is displayed immediately
    Generate quotations
  • Generate quotations within seconds (PDF format)
  • No double entries
  • One-click conversion of quotations into bookings
    Payments to schools
  • Manage all of your school payments
  • Sort your payments by due dates, schools, school groups, offices etc.
  • Enter deposit or partial payments
  • Use multiple currencies
  • Enter different payments in one step
  • Commission in your accounting currency is calculated automatically
  • Assign payments to different accounts
  • Double-check your commissions

Accounting - School payments
Accounting - School payments
Accounting - School payments
    Payment overviews
  • Design and print your individual payment overviews
  • Generate batch PDF's including an overview and all school invoices
  • Pay different schools within one school group
    Customer invoices
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple VAT rates
  • Release invoices in Thebing
  • Invoices are blocked once they are released
  • All documents at a glance
  • Customized exports
  • Import prices, starting dates, holidays etc. from Thebing into Indesign for brochure creation
  • Customize the export in order to suit your individual needs
  • Benefit from a central database
  • Use flexible exchange rates
  • Import our XML-Data into other programs if they support XML-Imports
  • Send SMS to your customers all over the world with one simple click
  • Send predefined SMS to your students
  • Confirm bookings, accommodation details and other information by text message
  • Bring your customer relationship management to the next level
  • Full history
  • Send messages to multiple students at once
    Daily exchange rates
  • Daily updates for foreign currencies
  • Enter prices in original school currency and display prices in currencies of your choice
  • Promote original school pricing
  • Different sources for exchange rates available
  • Automatic overview for commissions earned based on current exchange rates
  • Exchange rates can be used on website for price lists, quotations and invoices
Daily excahnge rate
Daily excahnge rate
    Coming Soon
  • Currently in development
Coming soon
    Tailor made templates (PDF/E-mail)
  • Enter your individual texts...
  • »» per office
    »» per destination
    »» per individual field
    »» per product line
    »» per accommodation type (host family)
    »» etc.
  • Customer details
  • Booking details
  • An infinite amount of possibilities to customize your template in order to fit your individual needs
    Enter your own categories and subcategories
  • Based on
  • - General
    - Activities
    - Date fields
    - Accommodation providers
    - Teachers
    - Transfer providers
Complaint categories
    Full history either per booking or in general
  • View full history of your complaint
  • Enter follow up dates
  • Track the status
    Comprehensive help desk
  • More then 200 manuals
  • Detailed manuals including pictures
  • Almost all features are described
Registration form
Registration form
    Enter and observe requests easily
  • Send your requests to the support team easily
  • Track the status of your requests