Generate online forms in the software and link it to your website




  • All forms can be setup by yourself - You will decide which fields should be displayed!
  • Link the forms to your website using a plugin for Wordpress/Joomla/Typo3 or Drupal by simply including a PHP snippet code
  • The information submitted by your students will directly appear in the software
  • No double entries needed any more!
  • Enter your own style sheet to make sure that the form will fit into your website
  • The demo forms are based on a demo style, your form is fully adjustable
  • Feel free to have a look at our demo forms - Note: The save button is not working/displayed on the feedback form/placement test


      The following forms are available
      Enquiry form
    • Basic or extended form - That's up to you
    • Prices can be displayed on the form if requested
    • Quoations can easily be compared
      Registration form
    • Prices can be displayed on the form if requested
      Feedback form
    • Questions are directly linked to the booked services - Makes sure that questions are only displayed if the related service is booked
    • Track the status of the feedback (Sent, Opened, Answered)
    • Prices for courses and combination of course and accommodation are displayed
    • Different periods can be used
    • Week structure is selected automatically
      Accommodation / Course lists
    • All details and information based on your services can be shown
      School details and menu structure
    • All school related details can be displayed automatically
    • The menu structure can be build automatically based on countries, languages, cities...
      School questionnaire
    • Online questionnaire can be send to the schools
    • School can directly update their details