Products & Features - Thebing School

Our Features - Thebing School Management Software

  • 100% web-based
  • Easy intuitive handling
  • Generate invoices, LoA and other documents within seconds
  • Quick confirmation to students/agents/accommodation provider
  • Create user levels with different access rights
  • Modular structure allows you to select features in order to match your needs and budget
Student record
  • Effective communication with prospective students
  • Set follow-up dates
  • Fast-track option to convert enquiries into real bookings
  • Student lists based on arrival, departure, visa and time at school
  • Bulk communication and document generation
  • Export of all information
  • Set up visa expiry warnings
  • Generate student ID cards
  • Link your webcam to the software for your ID cards
List of students
  • Generate gross and net invoices within seconds
  • Generate various documents such as letter of acceptance/invitation or visa letter
  • Group bookings and invoicing
  • Quick confirmation to students/agents/accommodation providers
  • Enter payments and observe the payment status
  • Online registration form -- Please have a look at the demo form on our website using the online form menu
  • Observe all invoice related documents
  • Display and pay commission to agencies
  • Enter bulk payments of agencies and assign them to your students
  • Generate manual credit notes for agencies
  • Agent management
  • Set up different commission and payment terms
  • Assign special promotions
  • Online survey/feedback form -- Please have a look at the demo form on our website using the online form menu
  • Run predefined reports
  • Export your results
  • Enter insurances and providers
  • Confirm details to student/agent and insurance provider
  • Generate confirmation documents
  • All insurance information at a glance
    Class scheduling
  • Manage your classes and track your students progress
  • Class scheduling (weekly and daily)
  • Batch assignment of students to classes
  • Assign teachers and subteachers
  • Observe assigned, unassigned students and students on vacation
  • Online placement test -- Please have a look at the demo form on our website using the online form menu
Tailor made class sheets
    Tailor made overviews
  • Generate class lists per student/teacher/room/level
  • Filter arriving, leaving, current students or vacation returners
  • Export the result into CSV or PDF
  • Generate your individual certificates in Thebing
  • Generate batch documents within seconds
  • Exclude students with a critical attendance if needed
Progress report
    Progress reports
  • Student progress report and class history
  • Printable overview of the student’s timetable
  • Multiplexed information about the student’s experience
    Online placement test
  • Send E-mails prior to arrival
  • Review results to help schedule classes before students arrival
  • Filter easily for missing placement tests / evaluations
  • Please have a look at the demo form on our website using the online form menu
Placement test
    Teacher management
  • Enter your teachers details including personal details, bank details and qualification
  • Enter and track absences
  • Store notes and documents
  • Communicate with your teachers
  • Track the attendance of each student on a daily or weekly basis
  • Flexible filter options
  • Record attendance per student, week, day, class, teacher, visa type
  • Enter weekly information per student to track the progress
Attendance register
Attendance overview
  • Daily or weekly attendance
  • Set up a critical attendance percentage
  • Attendance warnings
  • Communicate with students and agencies
  • Export as PDF/CSV
  • Generate transcript areas and transcript dates
  • Link your transcript to specific courses
  • Define the transcript dates
Report Card
    Report cards
  • Records are generated automatically
  • Average scores of student progress can be used
  • Several records for students can be generated
  • Store and export PDF and CSV documents
    Confirmation and Communication
  • Communicate with Students/Agents, Accommodation providers, Transfer companies
  • Confirmation history
  • Several filter options
  • Different colours will help you to receive an overview within seconds
    Accommodation matching
  • Host family matching:
  • - Set up matching criteria for your students and host families
    - Place your students in host families according to their preferences
  • Residential accommodation matching
  • - Assign students to different residential accommodation providers
    Availability sheet
  • Check the availability of your rooms
  • Separated per accommodation type
  • Can be displayed for the full time frame, per day or for weeks with no availability only
    Pay your providers
  • Manage your accommodation, teacher and transfer provider payments
    Teacher payments
  • Including substitute teachers and holiday rates
  • Pay your teachers per hour/lesson/month
  • Different rates for courses
  • Different rates per teacher category
  • Different rates on public holidays
  • Receipt generation for accounting purposes
Teacher Payments
Accommodation Payments
    Accommodation payments
  • Pay your providers nightly/weekly/monthly
  • Different rates for different services e.g. breakfast, half board
  • Different rates per accommodation category
  • Receipt generation for accounting purposes
    Transfer payments
  • Pay services separately for arrival, transfer and individual transfer
  • Different rates and periods
  • Receipt generation for accounting purposes
Transfer payments
Padi teachers
    Paid provider lists
  • Includes your own individual templates
  • Documents are generated automatically by saving the payment
  • Receipts can be attached in the email communication to your provider - Bulk messages
    Payment details
  • Detailed list of all entered payments
  • Separation to services
  • Payment processes can be observed
Payment details
Accounts receivable
    Accounts receivable
  • Pending invoices
  • Separation of services
  • Providers who are paid per check are displayed
  • Check numbers which are assigned
  • Templates can be generated based on your needs
Release documents
    Release documents
  • Multiple currencies and VAT rates
  • Release invoices in Thebing
  • Invoices are blocked after releasing them
  • All documents at a glance
    Boocking stack
  • Generation of journal entries
  • Import of journal entries into accounting software
  • e.g. Sage, Quickbooks, Datev
  • Accounting: Single vs. double entry
  • Company, accounts and allocations are stored
  • Journal entries are assigned to your accounts automatically
Booking Stack
    Customer relationship
  • Generate lists to survey marketing activities
  • - Agent lists
    - Agent categories
    - Groups of agents
  • Personalized batch communication with agencies or specific staff members
  • Email history
Manual Credit note
  • Generate credit notes for brochure contribution
  • CRM-Report document to prepare yourself for a workshop
  • Create notes and generate custom filter options
    Search for combinations
  • Set follow up reminders for potential clients
  • Send emails to prospects through Thebing School
  • Full communication history with clients
  • Search for unlimited combinations of services
  • Price is displayed immediately
    Generate quotations
  • Generate quotations within seconds (PDF format)
  • Send available quotations
  • Convert enquiry into booking
  • No double entries
    Create your own flexible reports
  • Create your own flexible reports and combine columns of different categories:
  • - Revenue
    - Costs
    - Profit
    - Agents
    - Bookings
    -Accommodation providers
    - Cancellations
    - Enquiries
    - School
    - Services (Courses, Accommodation…)
    - Teachers
Extended Reports
  • Create report pages (multiple reports on one page)
  • Set your own filters
  • Different levels of access
  • Run reports over multiple locations
  • Fully customizable
    Enter your own categories and subcategories
  • Based on
  • - General
    - Activities
    - Date fields
    - Accommodation providers
    - Teachers
    - Transfer providers
Complaint categories
    Full history either per booking or in general
  • View full history of your complaint
  • Enter follow up dates
  • Track the status
    Customize your own online forms
  • Individual interface with customised elements
  • Set up the forms in different languages
  • Prices can be displayed in the registration and enquiry forms
  • No double entries any more
  • Send invitations to placement test and feedback form within seconds
  • Track the status of sent invitations
Registration form
Registration form
    Online connectivity
  • Website connected with Thebing school software
  • Direct data entry into the software
  • Central maintenance of your services (course prices, accommodation prices, ...)
  • Customize your form according to your corporate design
  • Multiple forms per school
  • Automated and personalized email confirmations
    Placement test
  • Enter your own questions based on different types and categories
  • Track the status of the placement test per student (sent, opened, answered)
  • Student answers are evaluated automatically
  • Assign a level to the student based on the answers
  • Enter notes
Registration form
Registration form
    Feedback form
  • Enter your own questions based on different types and categories
  • Questions are just displayed based on the booked services (if course or accommodation related)
  • Track the status of the feedback per student (sent, opened, answered)
  • Display the entered answers
  • Satisfaction percentage is displayed automatically
  • Feedbacks based on providers are displayed in the providers record as well
  • Set follow up dates
  • Enter notes or assign the feedback to specific users
    Offer students your own mobile app
  • Individually branded with your logo, content is customisable
  • - Booking details
    - Personal details
    - Class scheduling
    - Accommodation details
    - Document
    - Student handbook
App Store
App schedule
    All details at a glance
  • Student can observe the stored details himself
  • Full class schedule including all assignments and attendances
  • All presonal and booking related details are included
  • Release documents and uploads to display them in the app
  • All detailes of assigned accommodation provider including images
    Comprehensive help desk
  • More then 200 manuals
  • Detailed manuals including pictures
  • Almost all features are described
Registration form
Registration form
    Enter and observe requests easily
  • Send your requests to the support team easily
  • Track the status of your requests